Developing young Nebraskans who are ready for college and career.

Career Education in Nebraska schools is about real world learning: Business and marketing.  Agriculture and health sciences.  Technology and skilled trades.  Education and community leadership.  Career exploration and entrepreneurship. Career Education is all this—and much, much more.

Career Education in Nebraska schools:

  • Prepares students for success in career and college
  • Provides an engaging educational environment for students
  • Helps students connect core academic education with real-life relevance and experience
  • Inspires entrepreneurship and innovation to create new businesses in Nebraska
  • Encourages partnerships between schools, business and industry, and community
  • Develops a sustainable, skilled workforce for Nebraska business and industry
  • Inspires students to explore career options, develop good work habits and prepare for life


Career exploration made easier. Many Nebraska schools and students are using a powerful online tool to explore career options within 16 Career Clusters™—and the educational pathways to achieve success in their chosen career.  To discover more about this free resource for Nebraska students, visit