Career Exploration


Free online resource helps students discover how interests match with career options

Here’s a question for parents of middle school and high school students:  Do you know what your son or daughter wants to do for a living?   If your child’s school is using, you may be able to confidently answer “yes” to that question. is a free, online resource for students to explore a wide variety of career options that match their talents, interests and skills.  This powerful tool also outlines educational pathways—in both high school and college—that can lead to a successful career in one’s chosen field. [more]

Career Clusters Help Students Navigate Career Options

Let’s say you’re a middle school student who is good at math and science—and who likes helping people. A career in the health care field might be a good option—but so might food science, social research, or even engineering. Exploring how one’s talents and interests apply across a wide variety of potential career options is made easier thanks to Career Clusters. [more]