Share Your Career Education Success Story!

We want to highlight outstanding success stories across Nebraska—and we need your help! Please provide a suggested story from your school about:

  • Student achievement and success in Career Education programs
  • Student achievement and success in Career Student Organizations
  • Partnerships between local business/industry and schools
  • Student involvement in the community related to their career education classes/CSO
  • Success following graduation as a result of participation in Career Education or CSOs
  • Measurable data that clearly demonstrates the relationship between career education and student achievement/success
  • Innovation in classroom education related to careers, career preparation and the integration of Career Education courses with academic courses

Special emphasis will be given to stories that underscore career education’s value in terms of student engagement, technical proficiency, career preparation, business-industry partnerships and entrepreneurship. We are particularly interested in stories that involve groups of students or entire programs—and if you have measurable results or data to share, even better!

Due to time and budget resources, not all suggested stories can be developed. But we want to get as many ideas and suggestions as possible. So please take a moment to share your success story with us—we’d love to hear about what you’re doing!

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