Nebraska Highlights

Career education in Nebraska is having a measurable positive impact on student success

An analysis of data from Nebraska schools reveals the profound impact that Career Technical Education (CTE) courses are having in terms of student achievement and performance. Some of the more significant findings include the following: [more]

Nebraska support the objectives of Career Education

A 2010 survey of 535 Nebraskans indicate strong support for types of programs that Nebraska Career Education provides for students and communities. [more]


Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs in Nebraska Bring Engagement and Excitement to Students’ Experience

It’s one thing to learn math or science. It’s another to see how it applies to the real world. Career Technical Education (CTE) in Nebraska schools is getting students excited about learning, because CTE helps them see just how their education applies to them—their lives, their college aspirations, their careers, and their communities. [more]

Innovation Fuels New Vision for Career Technical Education in Nebraska Schools

The demands of the workplace have changed dramatically over the past few years, requiring the next generation of Nebraska’s workforce to have a wide range of technical, academic and personal skills in order to be prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow. This significant change in the career landscape is driving exciting changes in Career Technical Education (CTE) programs in the state’s high schools and colleges.

“If we’re going to prepare students for the innovation, technology and environment of tomorrow’s workplace in Nebraska, we need to continue adapting and innovating to meet the evolving needs of business and industry,” said Rich Katt, Director of Career Education for the Nebraska Department of Education. A variety of innovative CTE programs are in place or being developed across Nebraska including: [more]

Today’s Career Technical Education in Nebraska: This is not your parents’ “voc-ed” class

The jobs of today and tomorrow in Nebraska require technical skills and knowledge that set the bar very high for high school and college students preparing for a career. And that has dramatically changed the educational approach in Nebraska schools to help students get ready.

“The stereotype of ‘vocational education’ was that it was for students not planning to pursue postsecondary education,” said Rich Katt, Director of Career Education for the Nebraska Department of Education. “But the workforce landscape has changed dramatically—demanding a new approach called Career Technical Education (CTE), that integrates academics and technical skills to get students ready for success in career and college. CTE is about all students of all levels and interests, because that’s the way the economy works today.” [more]