ACTEN Committee List for 2016-17

Goals are assigned to appropriate committees.  Committee chairs need to refer to the strategies listed under each assigned goal so their committee can make appropriate contributions.  Committees are asked to reference the Strategic Plan and provide the board with updates to be documented within the plan. Note – President Anne Schmall serves as an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating and Awards Committee.

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Program of Work/Professional Development | Audit Nominating and Awards
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Public Relations

Jill Hensley, Chairperson
Cathy Kloch, Carmen Warner, Kathleen Kennedy


Cathy Kloch, Chairperson

(One representative from each discipline area; does not have to be a board member):

(ADM) Steven Woodside (AGR) Jill Hensley
(AWD) No Rep (BUS) Janelle Stansberry
(FAM) Cathy Kloch (GUI) Melissa Hansen
(HEA) Debra Ziegler (MKT) Brittany McPhillips
(N&R)  No Rep (SPE) None
(TGY) Dave Gee (TRA) Dan Phillips


* This committee may contact division presidents to help with membership drive.

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Dave Gee, Chairperson
Carmen Warner, Anne Schmall*

* Per the Bylaws – President Elect serves as a Committee Member
Legislation and Resolutions

Siera Meyer, Chairperson
Dan Phillips

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Budget (Executive Board)

DeLayne Havlovic, Chairperson
Jeremy Cowley, Stephanie Miller, Emily Murphy, and Anne Schmall

Program of Work/Professional Development

Anne Schmall, Chairperson
Steven Woodside, Audit Committee Chairperson
DeLayne Havlovic, Budget Committee Chairperson
Siera Meyer, Legislation & Resolutions Committee Chairperson
Cathy Kloch, Membership Committee Chairperson
Stephanie Miller, Nomination & Awards Committee Chairperson
Jill Hensley, Public Relations Committee Chairperson
Dave Gee,  Bylaws Committee Chairperson

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Steven Woodside, Chairperson

Nominating and Awards

Stephanie Miller, Chairperson

(One representative from each division; does not have to be a board member)

(ADM) Jeremy Cowley (AGR) Jill Hensely
(AWD)  No Rep (BUS) Janelle Stansberry
(FAM) Carmen Warner (GUI) Melisssa Hansen
(HEA) Debra Ziegler (MKT) Brittany McPhillips
(N&R) No Rep (SPE) None
(TGY) Dave Gee (TRA) Dan Phillips



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Newsworthy Events

Siera Meyer, Acting Editor

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Deb Wolken, Webmaster

NOTE:  The Budget Committee and Program of Work Committee should meet prior to or following the winter meeting in order to prepare their proposals yearly proposals.

ACTEN Delegates to 2017 ACTE Assembly of Delegates

Jeremy Cowley,  ACTEN President, Morgan Trausch, ACTEN President Elect, Jason Speck  – Delegate. Carol Kreutzer – Alternate Delegate

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