About Us

ACTEN is the professional association for career and technical educators in Nebraska. Established in 1946, ACTEN has some 360 members across Nebraska including teachers, administrators, teacher educators, career counselors, teacher candidates, business partners and other professionals who support or advocate for career and technical education.

ACTEN is affiliated with the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), the national association for career and technical educators. Nebraska is a unified state, so members from Nebraska must join both ACTE and ACTEN.

ACTEN is a multi-discipline organization made up of career education professionals with a variety of backgrounds and specialties. Additionally, ACTEN has a number of divisions focused on specific disciplines within career education. Each of these divisions has its own leadership, plan of work, and professional development opportunities. To learn about the ACTEN division that interests you, click on the division below.

Divisions are focused on specific areas of career and technical Education. When you join ACTE and ACTEN you will select the division that best meets your needs from the following list:

You may join more than one division through ACTE for $10 per division. Your primary ACTE division will be your ACTEN/state division.

You can join ACTE and ACTEN online or you can download and print the ACTEN Membership Form.

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